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Seekerselcome to Hieroweb Interactive's social media site developed for web professionals or anyone who is seeking a web professional. Here you can find and collaborate with developers, designers and marketers. You can find developers ,designers, and marketers based on the platform that you are developing for. So to name a few you can collaborate with or seek database designers, 3d graphic designers, web developers, email marketers, user interface developer, ruby on rails developers ,PHP developers, JavaScript developers, jQuery developers database developers, C++ developers, ASP.Net developers, back-end web developers to name a few. This part of the site is currently in beta. Please provide us with any recommendations or problems found by emailing us at:

How Seekers Social Media Works

Help on Navigating and using Seekers - currently in BETA

In order to use this site you do need to be 18 years of age or older. On the Social Media Seeker home page click on the "Sign Up" icon and fill in the required fields. When you submit the form your account will be available to you to log in. You can register as a customer or a professional. Customers and professionals are both able to form friendships with other professionals. If you are registering as a customer on the profession type dropdown select the "Seeking Professional" option.

My Profile
When you click on the "My Profile" link to the left you are taken to the profile page. This page is where all of your personal information is kept. On the top right you can choose to hide your profile from the other site users. Below that you can edit (select the Edit link above Position) the personal information that you entered when you opened your account. In the "About Me" area you can edit (select the Edit link below "About Me") more personal information about yourself. This area is populated with the default settings when you open your account and can be changed whenever you like. This about me section is where you can add your bio and any personal information that you deem to be relevant. You could also link to your own web site if applicable.

My Photos
Once your account has been opened you will be able to add your personal photo, this photo needs to be approved before going live. Once this photo has been added and approved your profile will be viewable by all. Note that only jpg files under 200k in size are accepted.

My Audio/Video
Once your account has been opened and approved you will be able to add your personal video. Once this has been added and approved your video will be viewable by all. Note that only avi, wma, and mpg video files are accepted. These files must be kept under 5 meg.

My Searches
This is the area where you can search for other registered users profiles and add them as friends. Once on this page the first tab called "My Searches" will only be available if you have already done a search and chosen to save it. When you save a search it is named and that named reference will be available to you under my searches.

"Quick Search" is where you can do a quick search based on the professional type of user you are looking for. Under that is where you can save a search by checking the save this search box and giving it a name. Once you do searches for professionals you can add them as friends and send them personal emails to communicate with them or to ask them about the services that they offer. In this area you can search for a male or female professional based on their age. You can also search based on zip code.

My Friends
When you view other users profiles under their personal information you will see an "Add to My Friends" link. Once selected this will add this user to your friends list so you can quickly view them again later.

Blocked Users
When you view other users profiles under their personal information you will see an "Block User" link. Once you click on this link this person will be listed in your list of users who are not allowed to contact you or view your profile. You can check who is on your Blocked List at anytime by clicking on this link.

My Notes
When you view other users profiles under their personal information you will see an "Add Note " link. If you want to add some information for your own use to help you remember something later then you could add yourself a note that you could go back and view later to refresh your memory.

My Messages
The "My Messages" link is where your inbox and outbox is located. If another user wants to contact you via the user backend they can view your profile and send you a message. That message will end up in your inbox. The "My Outbox" area shows you all of your outbound communications.

My Account
The "My Account " link is where you can make a donation if you choose to do so. Thanks in advance if you do. Our programmers appreciate your donation.



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