Liferay Portal - A complete platform for building intuitive, engaging web experiences
Liferay Portal / Portlet Development

Liferay Portal - A complete platform for building intuitive, engaging web experiences

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iferay Portal is a free and open source enterprise portal project written in Java and distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License and optional commercial license. The Liferay project additionally supports Liferay Social Office, Liferay Sync, Liferay AlloyUI, Liferay enterprise Connectivity Apps and the Liferay Marketplace. It is primarily used to power corporate internet websites, intranets and extranets.

Liferay Portal is a web platform with features commonly required for the development of websites and portals. Liferay includes a built-in web content management system allowing users to build websites and portals as an assembly of themes, pages, portlets/gadgets and a common navigation. Liferay is sometimes described as a content management framework or a web application framework. Liferay's support for plugins extends into multiple programming languages, including support for PHP and Ruby portlets.

Although Liferay offers a sophisticated programming interface for developers, no programming skills are required for basic website installation and administration.

Liferay Portal is Java-based and runs on any computing platform capable of running the Java Runtime Environment and an application server. Liferay is available bundled with a servlet container such as Apache Tomcat.

Liferay offers you a platform that offers great flexibility and customization for future growth. It is simpler to use than WebSphere and more flexible than SharePoint!

Here are some reasons to consider Liferay:

  •   • Liferay's (OOTB - out-of-the-box) portal content management, social platform, user control management, collaboration, mobile ready, responsive design, to name a few and much more than that.

  •   • Since Liferay is open source it offers you a low cost of ownership.

  •   • A strong developer community of experts who can help you.

  •   • A short time to get up and running.

  •   • Ability to customize to your specifications.

  •   • Ability to create a HTML templates and include your applications within these templates.

  •   • Site search, cms, web 2.0 tools, and built in analytics.

  •   • Liferay uses industry standard, government-grade encryption, and provides a secure single-sign-on (SSO) option to all of your integrated applications.

  •   • Flexible database models (OOTB) support ie. MS SQL, MySQL

At Hieroweb Interactive we have helped numerous customers leverage the power of Liferay by designing and implementing enterprise level custom design and development solutions.

Hieroweb Interactive has been helping clients leverage the power of Liferay by building public facing websites, customer portals, multi-tenancy portals with features such as content management and web publishing, collaboration, social, mobile, and general web applications. Our Enterprise Level Liferay Portal and Liferay Application Development services include:

  •   • Portal Development and Deployment
  •   • Web Content/Document Management
  •   • JEE Enterprise Solutions
  •   • Integration Services
  •   • Web Applications and More…

Ease of Use with Broad Services and Integrations

Liferay owes its growing community of customers, partners, and users to two main factors: the product’s ease of use and its wide array of capabilities out-of-the-box. These include a sophisticated portal, a robust Web Content Management System, multiple collaboration services enhanced with social networking features, as well as a flexible platform for integration with your other existing systems.

Sophisticated Enterprise Level Portal

Liferay provides all the features of the most sophisticated (and expensive) portal platforms including aggregation, mashups, user personalization, identity management integration, roles based personalization, and access monitoring and compliance.

Web Content Management with Version Control

Liferay Portal includes a fully integrated Web Content Management System that allows content authors to create and manage content (portlets, pages, themes) and to create roles-based workflow processes for content approval. There is also a built-in document repository with role-based access to documents through a web interface or WebDAV as well as integration with Microsoft Office®, for dynamic document sharing, and more.

Social Collaboration

There is also a host of built-in collaboration services, including wikis, blogs, forums, personal calendars, webmail clients, internal messaging, online presence, and RSS feeds. A new Knowledge Base portlet allows a group to collaboratively build a virtual library of information.

These components are integrated with social networking features that allow teams to leverage them across user defined groups, teams, and organizations. Multiple customers use Liferay as a social collaboration platform for their enterprises while many others are leveraging these same features in external-facing deployments to help build stronger communities and brand advocacy with their market.

Enterprise Application Integration

Enterprises leverage Liferay for multiple integration scenarios to existing systems, building Mashups, Dashboads, Alerts, and Portlet applications. Liferay’s multi-language capabilities, standards support and new plugin architecture greatly simplify the development and maintenance of enterprise integrations.

Ready for the Enterprise

Runs on your existing application servers, databases and operating systems to eliminate new spending on infrastructure.

  •   • Highly scalable supporting millions of users, daily page hits, and more
  •   • Supports both horizontal and vertical scaling methodologies
  •   • Clusterable configuration for high availability
  •   • Implements top ten OWASP-recommended security practices
  •   • Options for Terracotta, Oracle RAC, and other scalability solutions
  •   • Deployable to the Cloud and available as SaaS

Some History on a Liferay Portal?

Liferay Portal is an enterprise level web platform for building business solutions that deliver immediate results and long-term value.
Liferay Portal is a enterprise level portal solution using the latest in Java and Web 2.0 technologies. At Hieroweb Interactive we offer a full range of Liferay development and consulting services like themes and portlets development, custom hooks and portal customization etc.

Liferay Portal theme and portlet development. Below are some of our custom Liferay Development Projects. These custom solutions showcase what you can achieve with our custom solutions:

  •   • Custom responsive theme development
  •   • Custom portal customization
  •   • Custom portlet development based on your specs and needs
  •   • Custom user permission controls
  •   • Custom social media controls


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