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ho your website links to and who you link to can affect your search engine placements in the search engines. If the neighborhoods you link to are known spammers or sites with a negative reputation then that can be a negative vote against your site. Where trusted sites would be a positive vote for your site. It's important to link to trusted sites and have trusted sites link to you also.

In most cases if you have a web site with good content then getting sites to link to you shouldn't be a problem. The reason for that is if they find your content interesting and valuable then they will link to you without you even knowing about it. Ultimately that's what you want. So remember to write good content and the links will come automatically. A good means of doing this is to have blog's that you write on a regular basis. Blog's contain fresh information on a specific topic and many people like to link to this type of content.

Now lets discuss neighborhoods. Web neighborhoods are much like residential neighborhoods in the area that you live in. Having links from within the neighborhoods that you serve be they by their physical address or based on topic that can also make people within your neighborhoods want to link to you.

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