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Custom Coded Search the Web Application


earch the web with this easy to use and follow application. You can search your favorite search engine with this application without ever leaving the easy to use interface. Once you get the hang of how it functions it will save you time by being able to search one engine after another and then compare your results.

There is no need to hit the "Search" button when autosearch is turned on, just make sure to enter your keywords for the search prior to selecting your search engine site radio button. You will however need to hit the "search" button if you turned autosearch off.

URL Status Box The status box at the bottom of the Hieroweb Interactive Real time Search App displays the home page URL of the currently selected search engine by default. You can open that page in your main browser window by pressing the "Go!" button. You can also jump to any other site on the Internet by entering its URL in the status box and pressing the "Go!" button.

IE8, IE9 and IE10 users need to have popups enabled for this app due to a bug in IE8, IE9 & IE10.

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