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Liferay Enterprise Portal

Liferay Enterprise Portal offers a flexible architecture and rich set of out-of-the-box portlets that make it suitable for a broad range of enterprise applications. That''s part of the reason it has been winning accolades from the likes of InfoWorld, eWeek, and Gartner for years, as it continues to grow its user base and feature set. Some of the feature rich capabilities are: Content & Document Management with Microsoft Office® integration, Web Publishing and Shared Workspaces, Enterprise Collaboration, Social Networking and Mashups, Enterprise Portals and Identity Management, Extensive User and Role Permission Management to name a few.

Our team can help you evaluate how Liferay might fit in to your technology plans, and since we also work with other technologies, we can give you an objective opinion about its suitability. Contact us today to start your feature rich Liferay Portal.

Liferay Portal Development pricing starts at $8500 and goes up from there.

Price $8,500.00


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