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How to Write Effective Email Campaigns - Web Development Blog

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How to Write Effective Email Campaigns

How to Write Effective Email Campaigns

Email marketing campaigns should be short and sweet. Research has shown that you need to grab the attention of the end user quickly with your marketing piece and you want to do that with minimal text, an attractive layout that is pleasing to the eye, pleasing graphics, and strong calls to action. Your verbiage communicating your message should be engaging and make them feel like you are discussing it to them directly as if you were in the room with them. Your call to action should be repeated several times with different font types and color schemes. A call to action can be directed to an email address, a website, a phone number, an exclusive offer like saying the first 50 orders will receive 25% off.

If the user wants additional information that is where the link to your web site from your marketing piece comes in. Once they click on your email then your landing page can provide them with additional information for them to read if they choose to do so.

You want to make your offer exclusive with a strong call to action so the user is compelled to act right then and there. The strength of the offer you make will influence the overall success of your marketing campaign.

Posted by Email Blasting Services on Friday, October 14, 2011 at 16:20

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